Monday, September 18, 2006

Who Me, Diet?

Well, it's Monday, the first day of my latest attempt at the weight-loss adventure. I joined my local Curves in February of this year, and last Tuesday had my fist meeting of the Curves Diet Class. So far, so good, but I'm only 2 meals into the first week ;) At least there's no funky stuff on this diet, like 3 days of nothing but cabbage soup. My starting weight is 212, which is down considerably from my heaviest (226 ugh), and I won't weigh in for another 3 or so weeks. That's not to say I won't be cheating and sneaking a peek on my scales here at home *VBEG* Anyway, I'll post results here, more than anything, to keep me honest. Now if I could only convince Jan (my husband) he really CAN follow this eating plan.....More to come!

September 20
Last night we had our first "official" diet class.....Seems like for every question answered, a hundred more were raised, but if you don't ask, you don't know. Day 1 ended for me with my caloric intake lower than my allowance,which wasn't the best in the world (gotta eat calories to burn 'em), but my carbs somehow were way out of line....I was almost 20 over on my carbs. No more applesauce for me! Tuesday went better, aside from the fact my youngest son's school is hosting a book fair all week, so eating on my schedule has been hectic at best. But I ended the day 7 calories short of my allowance, and only 10 grams short on my protien. Kept the carbs in check better this time. WI won't weigh in until next Tuesday, and the results will be posted for all to see, but I _DID_ "cheat" and step on the scales this morning......210.7 (YAY!) so I'm banking on being below 210 by next week. I just got back from lunch out with the girls (Mexican), but I only ate half of my enchilada, a couple of bites of the refried beans (beans good, rice BAD), and managed to stay away from the spanish rice altogether. And no guacamole. Or sour cream. Hopefully, I'll be able to get back to stitching this weekend, since Johnathan's football team has a bye week, so no football Thursday or Friday. Wonder what we're gonna do all weekend....Hmmmmmmm. Ok, enough posting, gotta get back to Jace's school and SELL THOSE BOOKS :)

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